Balancing on Skis

Jim Decker has worked as a private ski instructor in Vancouver, British Columbia, for nearly a decade. An avid snow sport enthusiast, he also enjoys snowboarding and snowmobiling. James Decker also serves the Vancouver, BC, area as a freelance photographer.

Skiing can be an exhilarating, full-body workout during the cold winter months, but before hitting the trails it is important to learn how to balance on skis. Amateur skiers should begin by practicing evenly distributing pressure between both ski boots, with their weight focused between the heel and arch of the feet. This is the basic skier’s stance, a position from which the skier can change direction quickly and effectively.

To build confidence in this stance, beginners should lean forward until they lose balance (using the ski poles to keep from falling), repeating the process until they feel comfortable balancing on the skis. This exercise can be repeated leaning backward and to either side to gain a solid feel for how much give the skis will allow. With enough practice, new participants to the sport should have a rudimentary ability to remain balanced on their skis.


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