Choosing the Right Skis Involves A Lot of Options

A Vancouver, British Columbia, native, James “Jim” Decker is a freelance photographer and private ski instructor. Jim Decker has been a ski instructor in Vancouver, BC, since 2005 and has competed in several skiing competitions throughout the United States, Switzerland, and Canada.

The first step to selecting the right skis is looking at skis for one’s specific gender. Skis are designed for high functionality based on the skier’s gender, thus eliminating many other options and making the process easier. Choosing the right skis also depends on skill level and ability. There are six levels of skiing ability that range from beginner to expert, and each group requires a different type of ski. However, not every ski within one’s skill range is a good fit.

There are also several different types of skis, including powder, race, and carving skis. Ski types differ in terms of length, wideness, and stiffness, depending on the different skiing categories they fit into. All-mountain skis, which have the capability of being any skis an individual wants them to be, are often best suited for first-time buyers.


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