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Starting an Independent Photography Business

James Decker of Vancouver, BC, is a photographer and professional ski instructor. A freelancer, Jim Decker has pursued his passion for photography in British Columbia and elsewhere in Canada. Jim Decker offers various photography services, including sports photography, family portraits, and marketing photography, in Vancouver, BC.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the majority of photographers are self-employed, and they typically earn less than salaried photographers. Therefore, it is important for aspiring freelancers to make the most of their skills, their knowledge, and available resources in order to succeed.

When starting a freelance photography business, it is important to concentrate on developing one’s photography skills as well as solid business skills. It is also necessary to learn about the legal aspects of running a business, including registering the business, setting up tax payments, and preparing contracts. In addition, the freelance photographer is responsible for selling his or her own work, so he or she should master the basics of print and online marketing and sales.

It is important to have print and electronic versions of one’s portfolio handy for potential clients. Furthermore, it is worthwhile looking into a variety of potential sources of income – for example, many photographers offer hands-on workshops in their communities. In addition to concrete skills and knowledge, qualities such as flexibility, resourcefulness, and persistence are useful for a devoted photographer seeking to establish and operate a successful photography business.