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Tips for Headshot Photographers

As a freelance photographer, Jim Decker of Vancouver, BC, has taken numerous headshots over the course of his career. James Decker has earned the trust of clients across British Columbia, Canada, for his attention to the unique demands that shooting a headshot entails.

Because the headshot is a professional marketing tool, the headshot session requires a different skill set than wedding photography, child portraits, and other photography assignments. The goal of the headshot is to capture an accurate image of the subject while presenting him or her in a flattering light. For this reason, professional headshot photographers emphasize developing a person-to-person connection with the client.

The photographer should focus on drawing out the client’s personality and getting a genuine smile. If the person looking at the photograph wants to get to know the individual portrayed, the photographer has done his or her job well. The photograph should focus primarily on the person’s eyes but should also present a clear image of the person’s jaw line and face shape. Simple diffused lighting and basic backgrounds, combined with flattering camera angles, achieve this end effectively.