Pyeongchang, South Korea – Hosting the 2018 Winter Olympics

Based in Vancouver, BC, photographer and ski instructor Jim Decker focuses on sporting events in British Columbia and Canada, but he has photographed winter events in Scandinavia, Switzerland, and the United States as well, including the X Games and the Alpine Ski World Cup. Jim Decker photographed the Vancouver, BC, Winter Olympics and looks forward to the next Winter games, which will be held in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

The awarding of the 2018 games to South Korea occurred in 2011 and narrowly followed unsuccessful bids for the previous two Winter Olympics. While Seoul hosted the Summer games in 1988, this event will represent South Korea’s first time hosting the Winter games. The only Asian country so far to host the Winter Olympics is Japan, which hosted the games in Sapporo (1972) and Nagano (1998). With this high-profile event, Pyeongchang is set to become a new center for winter sports in northeast Asia.


Popular Ski Resorts in the Vancouver Area

James Decker, owner of Jim Decker photography, is a freelance photographer working in Vancouver, British Columbia. When he is not on a photo shoot, you can find Jim Decker working as a ski instructor on one of Canada’s awe-inspiring slopes.

Cypress Mountain is among the most prominent ski areas in the Vancouver area. With more than 50 runs spanning 600 acres, Cypress Mountain is known for having hosted the freestyle skiing and snowboarding events during the 2010 Winter Olympics. The resort also features an extensive Nordic ski park with 21 kilometers of cross-country ski trails.

Vancouver’s most easily accessible ski area is Grouse Mountain, which is equipped with a high-speed cable car that lifts skiers to 1,127 meters in under five minutes. A popular tourist destination, Grouse Mountain offers a number of attractions to entertain visitors, including a cinema, skating rink, zip-line, fine dining options, and even sleigh rides during the Christmas season.

Starting an Independent Photography Business

James Decker of Vancouver, BC, is a photographer and professional ski instructor. A freelancer, Jim Decker has pursued his passion for photography in British Columbia and elsewhere in Canada. Jim Decker offers various photography services, including sports photography, family portraits, and marketing photography, in Vancouver, BC.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the majority of photographers are self-employed, and they typically earn less than salaried photographers. Therefore, it is important for aspiring freelancers to make the most of their skills, their knowledge, and available resources in order to succeed.

When starting a freelance photography business, it is important to concentrate on developing one’s photography skills as well as solid business skills. It is also necessary to learn about the legal aspects of running a business, including registering the business, setting up tax payments, and preparing contracts. In addition, the freelance photographer is responsible for selling his or her own work, so he or she should master the basics of print and online marketing and sales.

It is important to have print and electronic versions of one’s portfolio handy for potential clients. Furthermore, it is worthwhile looking into a variety of potential sources of income – for example, many photographers offer hands-on workshops in their communities. In addition to concrete skills and knowledge, qualities such as flexibility, resourcefulness, and persistence are useful for a devoted photographer seeking to establish and operate a successful photography business.

Skiing Opportunities around Vancouver, British Columbia

Skiing in Whistler Blackcomb

Canada resident James Decker is a ski instructor in Vancouver, BC. A winter sports enthusiast, Jim Decker has provided private ski lesson since 2005. Additionally, Jim Decker has competed in numerous amateur ski competitions across the country.

Vancouver, British Columbia is known for its ideal skiing terrain. Among its star destinations to visit is Whistler Blackcomb, located just north of the city. Dubbed by some as the best ski resort in North America, Whistler Blackcomb is comprised of two mountains that have more than 200 trails. Whistler and Blackcomb together span more than 8,100 acres, with Blackcomb being the taller of the mountains, in excess of 7,100 feet high. While Whistler Mountain features two parks, Blackcomb is home to three, one super pipe, and one snowcross track.

Visitors planning their visit to Whistler Blackcomb can participate in snow activities beginning November 27th, 2014. Whistler Mountain will remain open until April 19, 2015. Blackcomb Mountain will close a month later.

For more details about Whistler Blackcomb, visit

Pre-Show Talks at Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival

Freelance photographer Jim Decker of Vancouver, BC, has taken pictures for clients across the country of everything from weddings and family portraits to professional headshots and sporting events. Apart from his work, Jim Decker enjoys attending local cultural events such as the Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival.

The Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival in Vancouver, BC, celebrates 25 years of providing the community with quality performances of Shakespeare’s plays. The 2014 season includes A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Tempest, and Cymbeline, as well as a new play written by Bill Cain about Shakespeare entitled Equivocation.

Before each of the performances, except for weekday matinees, the Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival offers its guests the opportunity to learn more about the play and its characters from an inside perspective. Ticket prices include these In a Nutshell talks, which begin 50 minutes before the curtain in the main-stage theater and 40 minutes beforehand in the studio-stage theater.

Tips for Headshot Photographers

As a freelance photographer, Jim Decker of Vancouver, BC, has taken numerous headshots over the course of his career. James Decker has earned the trust of clients across British Columbia, Canada, for his attention to the unique demands that shooting a headshot entails.

Because the headshot is a professional marketing tool, the headshot session requires a different skill set than wedding photography, child portraits, and other photography assignments. The goal of the headshot is to capture an accurate image of the subject while presenting him or her in a flattering light. For this reason, professional headshot photographers emphasize developing a person-to-person connection with the client.

The photographer should focus on drawing out the client’s personality and getting a genuine smile. If the person looking at the photograph wants to get to know the individual portrayed, the photographer has done his or her job well. The photograph should focus primarily on the person’s eyes but should also present a clear image of the person’s jaw line and face shape. Simple diffused lighting and basic backgrounds, combined with flattering camera angles, achieve this end effectively.